What Is Soy Milk: What It Is Made Of And Good For?

You may have often heard about soy milk and its great benefits. Due to the recognition of soy milk benefits of health recently, it is more in demand and gaining popularity every day.

It is an easy task to prepare soy milk at home with the use of basic kitchen appliances or an advanced soymilk machine available in the market. And you have many brands to choose from as per the use and capacity to make good quality milk, which prove to be more effective for health.

Most of the people in Japan and China make fresh soymilk with a simple grinding process everyday by soaking the beans and pressing the milk out of it in a traditional way or with the use of a machine.

So what is soy milk?

Soy milk is a nutritional drink made by grinding the soaked soybeans with water. Also called as soymilk or soya milk it is basically a plant milk which is a traditional Asian cuisine. It is a stable emulsion of oil, water and protein and has the taste of soybeans, which is the favorite drink for Chinese and Asians.

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What are the Benefits of Drinking Soy Milk?

What is soy milk good for ?

As many are getting attracted towards the commercial soy milk, there is demand for it in every home due to its nutritional benefits on health. Here are the benefits to go through:

  • Soy milk is full of vegetable proteins, which are more advantageous even to your kidneys. Well, it is acknowledged that, every day food rich in dairy protein produces superior threat for osteoporosis, which lacks in the soy milk diet.
  • Today, about 75% of people cannot tolerate lactose. In such cases, soy milk is considered the best liquid as it contains the prebiotic sugars, raffinose and stachyose which boost the immunity and decreases the toxic substances in the body.
  • Only 0.5 % of kids are sensitive to soy milk, whereas 2.5% are sensitive to the cow’s milk.
  • Most of the times soy milk is gluten free and lactose free and are therefore good for vegans.
  • Soy milk reduces the cholesterol level. It is confirmed by the FDA that soy protein when added to everyday diet reduces the risk of heart strokes. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate soy protein in everyday meals.
  • Generally, cow milk has natural and synthetic hormones, which control the working condition of the body, but soy milk has no hormones present in it.
  • Soy milk is rich in isoflavones with unique benefits as it eases menopause symptoms, reduces the risk of cancers, and prevents osteoporosis and other problems.
  • As far as calories in soy milk is considered, it has lesser calories and reduced sugar content than compared to cow’s milk. It is therefore a good healthy option for people who are on diet and want to lose weight.

Although soy milk has lots of benefits, it is essential that before adding it to the daily diet, you know about soy milk nutrition facts, and then make it as an alternative in place of cow’s milk.

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How to Make Soy Milk?

What is soy milk made of?

Not so hard, it is easy to make the drink at home on a daily basis with the use of soymilk maker which proves to be more helpful. Soy Milk Expert recommends using one of these top 5 machines to make delicious and flavored milk at home.

To make delicious soymilk, you need 125 grams of soya beans to make 1 liter of it. Moving towards the making:

  • Soak the beans with plenty of water for nearly 6 hours and cook for 5 minutes in a large pot.
  • When the bubbles are observed in the pot, remove it and taste a bean which taste like cooked but have a nice crunch.
  • Strain the water and transfer all the beans gently in a pan and pour water over it to remove the translucent skins softly.
  • Now transfer them to a blender and add 2-3 cups of water if there is a capacity of more in the blender.
  • Blend for a minute as long as it looks like milk. Transfer into a large bowl and follow the filtration process with a spoon till it is completely done.
  • After filtration, there leaves back a soy paste. You can add it to smoothies to have extra proteins in the diet.

Finally, the soy milk is ready to taste without any additives. If you love to add any flavor of vanilla or chocolate then you can add to enjoy every sip.

Things You Should Know Before Consuming Soya or Soy Milk

As mentioned before soy is rich in proteins and can do wonders for your health as well as skin. Certain resources also reveal that consuming soy milk from an early age can also help in avoiding deadly diseases such as cancer. However, there are few most important things which you need to know and consider before consuming soy milk and other soy products. These are:

  • You should NOT consume soy beans in the raw form
  • You should NOT mix raw egg with the soy
  • You should NOT add sugar while cooking soy
  • You should NOT consume soy on an empty stomach

How to Make Soy Milk Taste Better?

Soy milk is a healthy alternative to get more protein. If you follow the vegan diet, then probably you would be boycotting dairy products, and prefer soy milk. But, it has to be accepted while this soy milk is good for health in multifold ways, it does not taste as good as regular milk. Do not let your spirits down, and quit the vegan diet program. You can always make soy milk taste better, regardless of the fact you make it at home, or buy it from the market. Here are ideas to enjoy your soymilk.

Additives that make soy milk better:

To make soymilk taste better, you need not try a lot. Simply make a smoothie with the milk using the favorite fruits. Strawberries and bananas are good choices. You can also cut a few apples and blend them with the soymilk. Add some ice or frozen fruits to get a better taste. At times you would get bored of smoothies with fruits, and would look forward to different choices. When you want to taste a different flavor, try adding cinnamon to the soymilk. You can also try blending honey to this. If you are too lazy to powder cinnamon, and add honey, try adding vanilla extract.

A few people would suggest adding sugar, but this is not good, though you will find it better. The health consciousness is the major reason in choosing the soymilk over the other dairy products. So, do not resort to sugar. But, honey is a healthy choice.

Make soymilk without beany taste at home:

Making soymilk at home is a good option, if you think that many products available do have additives that can be not so good for your health. To take away the beany taste, you have a couple of methods when you make soymilk at home. Always heat the soymilk after straining it. The heat destroys the beany taste. Try recipes that require heating up of the milk. You need to soak soybeans in hot water. This makes it easy to remove the skin. After this, you can strain the water, and rinse the beans. Do not skip these steps. Then make milk out of soy, and you will find the taste better.

What are the Health Risks, Side Effects and Dangers of Drinking Soy Milk?

Although the health benefits of soy milk are many there are few dangers and health risks which are known. Not many side effects and hazards are noticed with the use of soy milk regularly. The problems which are noticed only in a few of men and women are:

Causes allergies: There is no more evidence about the dangers and risks of soy milk to health, but to some extent this is considered allergic to those whose body releases histamine and other chemicals into the blood flow producing allergic signs.

Reduces the rate of fertility in men: In case of males soymilk can cause infertility issues if drink regularly and in large quantity. As soy milk with other soy products includes Isoflavones, a type of protein which decreases the infertility as per the research at the Department of Nutrition it can be dangerous. Well, the effect of soy on fertility in men is still in debate.

Increase thyroid issues: Drinking soy milk obstructs with your body’s capacity to absorb thyroid drugs and may cause issues and other problems with your thyroid. The isoflavones present in it may reduce the amount of iodine in the body and lead to under functioning of thyroid.

Additionally, soy milk estrogen may interfere with breast cancer medication and chemotherapy and may increase the risk.

Overall, it can be said that soy milk is a great option for those who love to get additional health benefits of milk along with soy. This is an ideal option for those who do not like to drink plain cow milk. In case if you are suffering from any severe health issues, do consult with your physician before drinking it daily. Otherwise just choose it to make your day healthy and give your family the nutrition they need.