Fermented Vs Unfermented Soy Milk: Which Is Better for Your Health and Why?

Fermentation in food processing is the conversion of carbohydrates to carbon dioxide and alcohol or to organic acids with the use of bacteria, yeast or a mixture of it under anaerobic conditions. Fermentation process involves the action of microorganism which is known as Zymology. And it is performed for foods to present the great taste people desire.

Unfermented Soy Milk

Today the most common foods are usually eaten and drank fermented. The useful microorganism beats out the kind that harms you and eats up the carbohydrates present in the food, resulting in better flavor, smell and texture.

Earlier, curing meats, clabbering milk, refrigeration and pickling vegetables was the only method to extend the life of eatables which has changed now to instant process of chemical alteration. It changes the substance into an easily digestible and simpler element that provides friendly bacteria, digestive enzymes and other useful nutrients.

Is Soy Milk Fermented Or Un-Fermented?

Generally, soy milk is unfermented as it belongs to the family of legumes that contains a high amount of phytic acid that is proved to be beneficial for health. It gives the ability to combine minerals, starch and proteins and results in lower absorption.

Fermented soy milk has been the recently developed product of all the traditional soy foods and only to be originated in the West side.

It has many advantages over non fermentation as fermentation of soy milk reduces the flatulence, destroys undesirable pathogens, gives new texture, reduces Beany flavor, improves the flavor and when unpasteurized, guards those who have consumed it from intestinal illness and helps to refill the intestinal flora.

Today, soy milk is available in fermented and non fermented way in the form of a variety of foods in the market. Certain brands that are available in the market provide their customers fermented soy milk for giving them the best they deserve.

The place of soy in the diet plan tops the list due to the many benefits soy provides to health. Foods made with fermented soy are said to be healthier when compared to those that are unfermented. Instances of fermented foods are tempeh, miso and naturally prepared soya sauce.

Unfermented soy foods like soy milk, tofu, and soy protein powders contain isoflavones, which are stuck naturally to a sugar molecule. The bacteria and enzymes present in the bowels need to eliminate this sugar molecule during the digestion method, before the active ingredient isoflavones are engrossed into the body.

While fermented soy products like tempeh and miso have no sugar molecule attached to it, but the isoflavones are in a way which the body can absorb quickly. It is because the fermentation method has removed the sugar in it.

How to Make Fermented Soy Milk?

It is easy to make fermented soy milk at home as there is no rocket science involved in making or producing any sort of milk. Yet, making soy milk has been easier than the cow’s milk to have instantly. Here is the process:

  • Soak the beans for more than 8 hours and better to place in the refrigerator. Normal temperature may start the fermentation process before you make it ferment.
  • Remove the skins to avoid the Beany taste as it is quite annoying to many.
  • Mash it in the soy milk maker and stir to get milky substance.
  • Most of them add salt or sugar to reduce the Beany taste and some recipes suggest the use of vanilla and sweeteners that suits to the recipe for pretty taste and flavor.
  • Simmering or boiling is important as raw soybeans contain tripsin due to which the proteins cannot be absorbed properly to achieve health benefits.
  • After the process, leave it to cool and place in refrigerator for better taste.

Well fermented soy is better for the reason that, it is healthy to consume and the fermentation process breaks down the level of anti-nutrients and phytic acid thereby permitting the easy absorption of nutrients for the digestive process.

When talking about Fermented Vs Unfermented Soy Milk, it is often seen that most of the people go for fermented soy due to its positive effects on health and need to be consumed with a good diet.

Is Soy Milk Really Bad for Your Health?

There are several controversies regarding the good and bad of soy on health, including the complete range of soy products. In case of good, it is a low calorie food and the best source of protein that helps to reduce the heart disease and cholesterol. To some extent, the bad effect of soy on health is not considered due to its positive benefits on health.

Mainly in women, it is restricted to consume due to its ability to reduce the fertility rate in women and contribute to premature puberty and also lick to the cancers like gyecomastia, a male breast development when taken in large amounts.


Like all other foods, soy food is better, worse and best to certain extent when consumed in moderate quantity. Some researchers suggest the use of Fermented soy due to its benefits and in case of un-fermented soy, it is advised to take in moderate like fermented soy that offers certain health benefits without any issue. People should consume the mix of both in diet to enjoy the taste and benefits offered.