How to Clean Soy Milk Maker and Its Filter?

Soy milk is basically a food that functions as an effective provider of proteins and other health nutrients. Irrespective of age group many among you have grown dependent towards soy and other nut milks. In fact, a glass of tasty soy milk every morning fills you with energy to perform all your functions effectively.

Soy milk maker is therefore one of the most desiring kitchen appliances which every smart woman love adding into their kitchen.

The most important aspect of a best performing soy milk maker is not its preparation process, rather it is the effort required for cleaning the milk maker which counts most. Experts suggests that a clean and well maintained soy milk maker will substantially increase the life of your milk maker machines. You should therefore gain good information on how to use and clean your soy milk maker machine effectively after each use.

Easy clean soy milk maker

Many households tend to avoid this factor and resume to cleaning only after finishing all their household chores. In case of a working woman (who is actually running out of time while preparing the milk and breakfast), they end up cleaning the machine at the evening or night after returning from their work.

Be Careful! This is really a bad practice. As soy beans contain tough and stubborn stains that are capable of sticking to jar, no amount of effort will help in removal of these stains from the jar. Resuming this habit might also result in your milk maker failing to function properly within few months of purchase. It is therefore recommended that you clean your soy milk maker machine as soon as you have completed preparing the milk.

If you face difficulty in operating your soy, almond or nut milk maker anyhow, then check the following:

Check the filters: A filter attached to your soy milk maker may appear clean, but on a closer look you may find stains and grains of soy beans towards the end. These stains need to be removed so that your milk maker machine works effectively for long.

Presence of grains: Mesh holes attached to milk maker may carry grains of previously grinded soy beans. Remove these grains and wash your jar so as to ensure effective functioning of the milk maker machine. If the grains are not removed after every wash, then it disrupts normal operation of milk maker and your milk might taste watery.

Effective Methods and Tips to Clean Soy Milk Maker Machine

The filter used in soybean milk maker is made up of pure stainless steel. Also, it is wash friendly and you may use a normal dish washer to clean the filters. The cleaning of soy or almond milk maker involves the following steps:

  • Transfer milk from the soybean milk maker to a bowl once ready
  • Remove machine head and rinse it completely with tap water
  • The machine is now cooled and you could proceed with removal of filter
  • Use brush to remove grains attached to filter or holes in jar
  • The residue inside the jar may either be saved or discarded
  • Wash and keep them aside till it dries completely
  • Keep jar and bowl aside after drying is finished

Cleaning a soybean milk maker is a simple and DIY task to accomplish. This hardly takes few minutes of your time.

Ensure to follow the procedures mentioned above carefully to clean your milk maker after every use. This will not only save you from all the health issues that may be caused but also increase the life of your milk maker. And moreover you are relieved of running to a repair store every now and then.