How To Filter Okara While Making Soy Milk At Home?

Changing lifestyle and eating habits of people introduces nutritional drinks and recipes that prove to be an alternative to high fat dairy products. Typically, people run from dairy food craving for the products that are rich in proteins and a healthy diet as per the daily requirement.


Luckily, you have high protein and creamy soy milk, which is a favorite of many families and is easy to make on a daily basis with the use of automatic machines and makers like Soyajoy, Soylove, Sonya, JoYoung, and more.

Soy milk is rich in calcium and includes equal amounts of proteins as in cow’s milk. It is more savory taste and flavor and an easy to make drink in short time.

However the one thing which most of the homemakers find it difficult is to filter out the Okara while making soy milk. They also question about whether they can prepare other recipes using this okara.

So before answering this question, let us know about what is okara exactly.

What Is Okara?

Processing of fine soy beans while making soy milk (a traditional cuisine of Korea, china and japan) leaves behind a nutritious and rich paste known as Okara.

When properly processed through the soy milk making machine, you find pulp with unsolvable parts of soybean left behind which is yellow or white in color.

Interestingly to know, this left behind okara can add nutritional value and fiber to the baked foods and recipes. Well, many may be unaware of Okara, but popularly it is low in fat, nutty flavored and high in fiber and protein. Also it is an inexpensive and nutritious food for lots of people today.

How To Filter It While Preparing Homemade Soy Milk?

Soy milk is today the best nutritional drink of every family which can be enjoyed in breakfast or as an evening drink. Being happier with it, most of them search for the tools that filter Okara from Soy milk in minutes.

To the point, Soy milk makers are the perfect choice for people to separate Okara out and store it in machine filters. It is found that some users prefer to grind Okara finely, which holds the chance to escape through the filter’s fine holes.

With some practice you can easily grind soy beans for getting tasty soy milk with least extract soy pulp left over. Grind the over night soaked beans in a blender with 2 cups of water until it turns into a smooth paste. Pour the paste into a filter to strain the milk and get the Okara.

If you fail to filter the smoothly grounded Okara through the filter, you can make use of soy milk strainer, a fine cloth or a coffee filter that gives you fresh Okara in an easy and quick way. Include a set of filter with a spatula to press the pulp and extract the last drop of soy milk and get the dry pulp.

What To Do With Okara Remained From Soy Milk?

To utilize the left over Okara from the Soy milk, it is good to use it with bread or enjoy its taste by adding to hot cereals in the breakfast.

As per your interest of inventing new recipes, you can add Okara to enhance the taste of the nuggets, burgers, or make the pancakes which gives a delicious taste. Add the sauce as per your taste at the last minute and enjoy every bite.

Though many are not fond of drinking Soy Milk but enjoy the recipes of Okara by adding spices and vegetables to it. For burger, saute vegetables in a large frying pan with soy sauce, spices, beans, flax meal to enjoy with a soft drink.

Finally, those who are busy with their busy schedule and love to include Okara in their diet, freeze it to use at required times without any rush to the nearby store.