When Can Soy Milk Go Bad For Men, Women and Babies?

Soy is the most controversial food in the entire world. Depending on the person you ask, it is a wonderful superfood, but also the hormone disrupting poison.

Originating in the Eastern India, soybeans are now produced in large quantities in the US.

Soy can prepare different food items and may even be eaten as the whole. When raw, soybeans are poisonous it is used in soy milk, tofu, as the meat substitute and in dairy. Its use is also profuse in fermented items like the natto, miso.

The Soy produced in the US is modified genetically and the herbicide Roundup is sprayed. This herbicide is associated with bad health.

Rarely consumed in the raw form, the benefits of the soy may be availed from the soybean oil that is being extracted using the solvent hexane. But then, soy has protein and possesses functional properties.

Soy milk has a limited life span and once it gets bad, the taste is very unappetizing. In terms of smell, you can identify whether it is bad or good.

Is Soy MIlk Bad

Who Should Consume Soy Milk?

There are many who consume soy milk on a regular basis as the part of normal diet. If there is any pre-existing health condition like problem in the digestive system, it should be consumed.

Then, certain individuals consume the milk simply to eat healthy. But then, it is harmful as well when consumed in large quantity.

Being the good substitute to cow’s milk, the milk is the fantastic source of protein and calcium. Children, who cannot digest lactose, must certainly choose soy milk as it is lactose free.

When Can Soy Milk Go Bad?

It is true that soy milk comprises host of essential proteins and nutrients but it is true that this can go bad and prove harmful when not taken in adequate quantities.

Soy milk lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart attack. Hence, soy milk in its natural form, prepared in your kitchen, is the best.

It can go bad with additives like seaweed which is used to thicken it. Seaweed can create digestive problems and it needs to go through intensive tests before any further statements can be made.

Those who consume too much milk may develop stomach problems and can prove to be the root cause of reproductive system disorder, thyroid problem and also allergy related symptoms.

All of a sudden adding soy milk can be harmful for the elimination process. Start slowly so that the body can adjust to the change slowly.

Too much of soy milk is bad for health and can promote health issues such as kidney stones and many others. It is therefore best to consume it in the right quantity so that you do not get too much of addicted to it.

Consuming sweetened variety of soy milk is not wise for those looking to consume fewer calories. Women need to realize that only unsweetened variety of soy milk is having fewer calories.

Is Soy Milk Bad for Men?

The soy milk is made from the soybean. It is the dairy alternative for those who choose to avoid the animal’s milk.

The milk brings down the risk of heart problems, protects one from prostate cancer but then it gets harmful for men if consumed in inadequate quantities. It is hazardous to men’s reproductive system if consumed in large quantities.

In fact, the dietary intake of isoflovanes or soy reduces the sperm count or the sperm concentration in men.

The consumption of soy milk mainly impacted those who had higher sperm count and had healthy reproductive system.

Erectile dysfunction is another demerit. Large quantities of soy milk can hamper the penile function. The isoflavone in the soy and daidzein affects the erectile functions.

Besides the reproductive system, the soy milk also affects negatively the behavior of the person. Soy milk tests on monkeys showed that the monkeys consuming high quantities of soy milk were submissive and aggressive.

Is Soy Milk Bad for Women?

Soy milk comprising the isoflavones is like estrogen that is being linked to breast cancer. But then, it also protects against cancer. It strengthens the bone and the heart health.

Soy milk is bad for women if consumed in larger quantities as it is directly linked to breast cancer. Women consuming soy milk show instances of breast tumors but the cases are very rare.

American Cancer Society links the occurrence of breast cancer to other factors and not solely the soy milk.

As per the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, one out of four women die due to heart failure. It is suggested that soy milk has more fat than skim milk. Since it is plant based, it has no cholesterol. Being unsaturated, it is heart healthy.

According to sources soy is also a good source of plant estrogen due to which it helps women with PCOS. Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a common problem which affects millions of women in US and world wide.

Hormone imbalance is one of the major problems among women with PCOS. Women with PCOS can supplement their diet with soy products such as soy milk for getting the benefits.

If women substitute the higher fat animal food with the soy milk, they will consume less fat. Then, it is good for bone health. Consuming the soy milk regularly brings down the risk of osteoporosis. Those who are allergic to cow’s milk can use the soy milk.

Is Soy Milk Bad for Babies and Toddlers?

It is recommended that babies below the age of one should avoid soy milk. Toddlers can consume the Silk soy milk after they have left the mother’s milk.

Young kids can consume the silk soy milk only in moderation. The silk soy milk may also cause allergies. Babies under the age-1 or 0 cannot rely totally on the soy milk.

They have certain level of nutritional needs which cannot be fulfilled by soy milk. To get adequate amount of vitamins, fatty acids and minerals, babies must rely on the mother’s milk.

Mother’s milk offers a very superior nutritional formula. But then, once the baby is one and a half years old, mothers can start introducing certain types of foods.

Cow milk, for instance, is the primary beverage choice after they leave mother’s milk.

Some amount of soy milk is sure to benefit the toddler. Since the silk soy milk has iron, toddlers must be offered the soy milk.

Conclusion: How Much Soy Milk Should I Drink In A Day?

The soy milk is available in different flavors. When you consume soy milk, it is crucial to make sure that you are not allergic to it.

Certain compounds like phytoestrogen produce estrogen like impact in the body. But then, its consumption at an early age may increase the chance of breast cancer. Moderation is the key to gaining benefits from soy milk.

Based on above discussion, it can be said that 1-2 glass per day may be consumed by all and it would not prove harmful.

More quantity other than this can prove harmful rather than providing the health benefits. However if you are calorie conscious and do not want to put up extra weight you should avoid drinking flavored or sweetened soy milk.

Also it is good to talk to your doctor before planning for this regular diet for pregnant women and breast cancer survivors.

Just pay attention to your diet and body requirements and you can lead a healthy life while drinking all natural soy milk.