Joyoung CTS-2038 Soy Milk Maker Review

The latest addition to the kitchen and home appliances category by Joyoung is the Joyoung CTS-2038 soy milk maker. If you are the one who want to buy a good performing soy milk maker without making much research, then this is a product for you.

The highly durable and stainless steel body that has gone into the development of milk maker was tested according to set standards and confirmed that only those materials that pass the test go into the production process.

Hence this makes it safe for your use rather than the harmful low quality plastic ones that were earlier available in market before.

The latest Jiuyang soy milk maker has multi function option and is fully automatic. It is out with a Micro-computer Control that offers the ease of use.

The latest technology of ultra fine grinding ensures that all the ingredients are grinded up evenly. Beans are grinded in the compartment retaining their aroma and nutrition at a push of button.

No exposed heating elements or tube are present which makes it safe for use. Automatic Preheat let even cooking by passing heat to the entire body of the jar instead of just holding it at the bottom.

Unlike other models this latest Joyoung soy milk maker is easy to handle.

It is getting more popular due to the easy cooking process it offers to the users. All you need to do is to mix soy beans with the required ingredients and mix them with water. Beans used for grinding can either be soaked or dried.

Before plugging in ensure that the milk maker is closed by placing the top lid cover. Just select the required menu and one press on the button will make your favorite Soy milk in less than 20 minutes.

What Are the Additional Features of This Latest Version?

Additional features included its multi functional option that lets milk maker be used to prepare different drinks other than just soy milk. You can use the machine for preparing nut milk, jam, juice, rice paste, etc.

Six intelligent functions on the Jiuyang soy milk maker lets safe operation. “Boil it and soft heating for sweetness” method of cooking allows the soymilk to emulsify better.

When it comes to cleaning, you need not worry about messy cleaning of this soy milk maker as the internal filter is not attached and the scrub pad given along with it makes the maintenance part a little more easier.

The large capacity (1.7L) of this soy milk making machine allows you to make the milk for about 3 to 6 people in one time.

The equipment is less prone to absorbing moisture and hence one can be relieved of machine becoming rusted out.

The metal strainer included with the pack will let a user to sieve only the milk out as the soy residue or okara don’t get mixed with the milk.

A bi lingual model description both in English and Chinese is provided along while purchasing the milk maker. This user manual will help in providing an easy understanding and functioning of milk maker and its maintenance.

All these technology and features combines together to let the latest model stand out from any of its previous versions.

What is The Bonus Included?

soybeansThe best thing about purchasing this soy milk maker online is that on purchase of every Joyoung CTS 2038 soy milk maker, you are provided with an exclusive gift bag of best taste non-genetically modified Soybean (samples of 0.3LB).

When you buy this Jiuyang soy milk maker at Amazon you are also provided with discount voucher that could be used to purchase soybeans from Joyoung farms.

What About The Warranty And Where to Purchase The Genuine Product?

Above all, this soy and almond milk making machine comes with the one year manufacturer warranty on the product that makes your purchase pretty safe and affordable.

Amazon is one of the best places for making your purchase. If you are going to purchase the product (at sites other than Amazon), just make sure that you buy only from authentic dealer as the product needs to be genuine and has to include the manufacture details of Joyoung.

Make sure that the package includes all the basic things like Joyoung Soy Milk maker, an AC Power Cord, Plastic pitcher, metal strainer, scrubbing pad, along with the bonus pack.

Joyoung have a large client database who is satisfied with the model and its use. When you buy this product, it is for sure that you can use the product almost every day.

Joyoung soy maker is a perfect gifting idea to your loved ones be it your parents or family folks.

Buy a Joyoung Soy maker for your home and ensure that your family members stay healthy forever.