Knox 1.5 Liter Automatic Soy Milk and Soup Maker

There are many people who are allergic to lactose or highly conscious about its high fat content. Fortunately, they have soy milk as a good alternative to customary dairy milk. But, most of them find store-bought soy milk an expensive affair when compared to dairy milk. They looked for ways to make soy milk at home and Knox has brought advanced Soy milk and soup maker that helps you make delicious soy milk at home!

This Knox 1.5 liter automatic soy milk and soup maker saves you big in terms of money that you would otherwise spend at the grocery store to buy ready-made soy milk. With this smart Knox soy milk maker now you can have tasty soy milk and soups at a fraction of cost! You can also use this cutting edge soy milk maker to make any fruit and vegetable juice as well as soup of your choice and satisfy your taste buds. With easy to use preset functions and features, this device makes your guests envy you!

Preset Mixing and Cooking Functions

Knox soy milk maker has made making of homemade soy milk, juice and soup a breeze! It comes with preset mixing and cooking functions. You just need to add the ingredients needed for the particular recipe to the tank of the appliance and choose the matching function. That’s all! Your soy milk, juice or soup is ready!! The unit will inform you about the completion of task by producing an alarm sound. This way you can easily know that the making process is complete.

Major features

With Knox soy milk maker, you can now make fresh and healthy foods and beverages in an effortless and hasty manner. It comes with 1-button function to make porridge, soy milk, almond milk, soup, rice paste and a variety of juices. Make your favorite recipe ingredients ready at the table and fill the tank and press the button. Your favorite beverage is ready to serve! It is made of solid and strong stainless steel of 1.5 liter capacity, suitable for a family of 2-4 people.

Self-Cleaning Mode

Now when you have completed the task of making soy milk or soup, you need to store the machine safely and hygienically for the next use. Knox 1.5 liter automatic soy milk and soup maker unit is easy to clean. Perhaps, it is something like a snap! It is equipped with self-cleaning mode that is active with a press on the respective button. You only need to fill the tank half-way up with water and then choose the ‘self-clean’ option to start the process. Your unit will be cleaned and ready to use again within minutes.

Overall, Knox soy milk and soup maker is one of the most wonderful soy milk maker machine that you can look for while buying one for your family. You will simply enjoy the preparation or serve with pride with this appliance!