Mester Soy Milk Maker Review

When you want to cook soy bean milk in your kitchen, the Mester soy milk maker machine is one of the most convenient to use owing to its superior features.

You can prefer using Mester Soymilk maker in your kitchen for the enhanced soy milk cooking cycle and for getting delicious tasty milk.

Using this milk maker you can directly add soy beans and water to the pitcher which has the maximum and minimum water level marking. Stainless steel construction facilitates easy grinding and easy cleaning of the machine.

For your convenience below we review the two best models available in the market. These are the best options for you when you are planning to buy a Mester Soymilk maker online.

Lets check about the features of these milk makers in detail below.

Note: This soy milk maker/brand may not be available currently. You can consider getting the one from these best available soy milk maker machines. Opting among these may prove useful and long lasting in long run!

Mester Dj 12b-y70 Soymilk Maker Intelligent Micro Pressure Review

Mester Dj 12b-y70 Soymilk Maker is the automatic intelligent home kitchen appliance which uses the micro pressure boiling and bottom heating technology to prepare nutritious soymilk.

Featuring the intelligent micro pressure control system, the soymilk maker machine can reach up to 102 Celsius of boiling point.

This 2015 launched soymilk maker machine is revolutionary and is cost effective. The flagship model of the soymilk maker machine uses micro-pressure technology which assists in releasing more nutrition.

The Mester soymilk maker has the total capacity of 1.2L which means you can prepare good quantity of milk for your guests in one time. It features the input voltage of 110V and the anti-overflow design which offers guaranteed safety to the machine.

The micro pressure technology equipped machine features the inner structure which is comprised of the food grade stainless steel guaranteeing the preparation of safe and healthy food within no time.

The feature of double-stainless steel insulated structure is simply unique to keep things warm. With this you get proper thermal insulation along with reduced noise.

Having an innovative design, this Mester soymilk maker machine has the unique-patented and net free design which yields more amount of soy milk and very less amount of residue.

For wet and dry soybeans, there are the multiple cook menus. The menu for the rice cereal is different from the one for porridge or soup.

Mester Dj 12b-y70 is the pioneer machine meant especially for home use for making soymilk. Since the very introduction of the first Soymilk maker machine in the year 1999, every model has sold well.

In fact, the Mester Dj 12b-y70 Soymilk Maker is the latest in the addition using only premium components like lower noise DC motor, the stainless steel material and the state power control which is powerful.

It has the sensors and the microprocessors that controls the grinding and the heating process to foster perfect soups, milk and porridge.

With this excellent machine you can prepare raw milk, soups, porridge, hot milk and it is more versatile than most other machines in the market. You can also prepare the lip-smacking hot chocolate drink and relish the taste.

If you are looking for a great soy milk maker under $100 then this is the model to go for.

Mester DJ 11B -Y78 Soy Milk Maker and Soup Maker Review

Making your own soymilk was never so easy as it is now with Mester DJ 11B-Y78 soymilk maker.

This soy and almond milk making machine allows you to save time and money by preparing your favorite tasty milk at home within very less time.

Making the soymilk with usual kitchen appliances is time consuming and does not offer the same results as what you get with the Mester DJ 11B -Y78 Soy Milk Maker.

This kitchen appliance features fully automatic auto control with micro heating functions. It also uses the Micro-pressure boiling technology which makes the milk very fast.

Simply you need to soak the soyabeans into the water and then use the soymilk maker for making the delicious milk at home.

This is the new generation soymilk maker which uses no filter cups and grinding cover. In fact, it makes the handling or cleaning of the soybeans easy. The Micro-pressure technology is simply magical as it releases more nutrients from the soy into the milk.

All the inner structure uses the food grade stainless steel guaranteeing good health and complete safety. The feature of double stainless steel structure offers proper insulation and keeps the ingredients warm and scald.

Prepare delectable and mouthwatering food

Mester soymilk maker DJ 11B-Y78 is the next generation smart solution for making soymilk in a few minutes. It is great to see how this Mester Soymilk Maker prepares rice pasta, porridge, soup, energy soup, the nutritious grain, concentrated soymilk and the soymilk.

The real beauty of this Mester soymilk maker lies in the contemporary styling of the unit which enhances the appeal of your kitchen when placed there. It automatically pre-heats and cooks, making the task easy for the users.

Enjoy the fresh soymilk everyday

You just need to press the ‘start’ button after adding water soaked soy into the soymilk maker. The tasty, delicious and sticky soymilk will be ready to be enjoyed in just few minutes.

This Mester Soymilk Maker is the revolutionary product having the capacity of 1.1 liter. This means that it can make the soymilk for 3-4 persons at once.

When you purchase it, you discover 6 buttons that are easy to operate. Each button prepares different items like soymilk, the soup, rice, paste, juice and washing, porridge.

There is an additional white LED display in order to visualize the progress. The machine is breeze easy to operate and clean. Coupling technology allows the handling and carrying of the milk maker easier.