Soy Milk Maker Tips

How To Filter Okara While Making Soy Milk At Home?

Changing lifestyle and eating habits of people introduces nutritional drinks and recipes that prove to be an alternative to high fat dairy products. Typically, people run from dairy food craving for the products that are rich in proteins and a healthy diet as per the daily requirement.


Luckily, you have high protein and creamy soy milk, which is a favorite of many families and is easy to make on a daily basis with the use of automatic machines and makers like Soyajoy, Soylove, Sonya, JoYoung, and more.

Soy milk is rich in calcium and includes equal amounts of proteins as in cow’s milk. It is more savory taste and flavor and an easy to make drink in short time.

However the one thing which most of the homemakers find it difficult is to filter out the Okara while making soy milk. They also question about whether they can prepare other recipes using this okara.

So before answering this question, let us know about what is okara exactly.

What Is Okara?

Processing of fine soy beans while making soy milk (a traditional cuisine of Korea, china and japan) leaves behind a nutritious and rich paste known as Okara.

When properly processed through the soy milk making machine, you find pulp with unsolvable parts of soybean left behind which is yellow or white in color.

Interestingly to know, this left behind okara can add nutritional value and fiber to the baked foods and recipes. Well, many may be unaware of Okara, but popularly it is low in fat, nutty flavored and high in fiber and protein. Also it is an inexpensive and nutritious food for lots of people today.

How To Filter It While Preparing Homemade Soy Milk?

Soy milk is today the best nutritional drink of every family which can be enjoyed in breakfast or as an evening drink. Being happier with it, most of them search for the tools that filter Okara from Soy milk in minutes.

To the point, Soy milk makers are the perfect choice for people to separate Okara out and store it in machine filters. It is found that some users prefer to grind Okara finely, which holds the chance to escape through the filter’s fine holes.

With some practice you can easily grind soy beans for getting tasty soy milk with least extract soy pulp left over. Grind the over night soaked beans in a blender with 2 cups of water until it turns into a smooth paste. Pour the paste into a filter to strain the milk and get the Okara.

If you fail to filter the smoothly grounded Okara through the filter, you can make use of soy milk strainer, a fine cloth or a coffee filter that gives you fresh Okara in an easy and quick way. Include a set of filter with a spatula to press the pulp and extract the last drop of soy milk and get the dry pulp.

What To Do With Okara Remained From Soy Milk?

To utilize the left over Okara from the Soy milk, it is good to use it with bread or enjoy its taste by adding to hot cereals in the breakfast.

As per your interest of inventing new recipes, you can add Okara to enhance the taste of the nuggets, burgers, or make the pancakes which gives a delicious taste. Add the sauce as per your taste at the last minute and enjoy every bite.

Though many are not fond of drinking Soy Milk but enjoy the recipes of Okara by adding spices and vegetables to it. For burger, saute vegetables in a large frying pan with soy sauce, spices, beans, flax meal to enjoy with a soft drink.

Finally, those who are busy with their busy schedule and love to include Okara in their diet, freeze it to use at required times without any rush to the nearby store.

How to Clean Soy Milk Maker and Its Filter?

Soy milk is basically a food that functions as an effective provider of proteins and other health nutrients. Irrespective of age group many among you have grown dependent towards soy and other nut milks. In fact, a glass of tasty soy milk every morning fills you with energy to perform all your functions effectively.

Soy milk maker is therefore one of the most desiring kitchen appliances which every smart woman love adding into their kitchen.

The most important aspect of a best performing soy milk maker is not its preparation process, rather it is the effort required for cleaning the milk maker which counts most. Experts suggests that a clean and well maintained soy milk maker will substantially increase the life of your milk maker machines. You should therefore gain good information on how to use and clean your soy milk maker machine effectively after each use.

Easy clean soy milk maker

Many households tend to avoid this factor and resume to cleaning only after finishing all their household chores. In case of a working woman (who is actually running out of time while preparing the milk and breakfast), they end up cleaning the machine at the evening or night after returning from their work.

Be Careful! This is really a bad practice. As soy beans contain tough and stubborn stains that are capable of sticking to jar, no amount of effort will help in removal of these stains from the jar. Resuming this habit might also result in your milk maker failing to function properly within few months of purchase. It is therefore recommended that you clean your soy milk maker machine as soon as you have completed preparing the milk.

If you face difficulty in operating your soy, almond or nut milk maker anyhow, then check the following:

Check the filters: A filter attached to your soy milk maker may appear clean, but on a closer look you may find stains and grains of soy beans towards the end. These stains need to be removed so that your milk maker machine works effectively for long.

Presence of grains: Mesh holes attached to milk maker may carry grains of previously grinded soy beans. Remove these grains and wash your jar so as to ensure effective functioning of the milk maker machine. If the grains are not removed after every wash, then it disrupts normal operation of milk maker and your milk might taste watery.

Effective Methods and Tips to Clean Soy Milk Maker Machine

The filter used in soybean milk maker is made up of pure stainless steel. Also, it is wash friendly and you may use a normal dish washer to clean the filters. The cleaning of soy or almond milk maker involves the following steps:

  • Transfer milk from the soybean milk maker to a bowl once ready
  • Remove machine head and rinse it completely with tap water
  • The machine is now cooled and you could proceed with removal of filter
  • Use brush to remove grains attached to filter or holes in jar
  • The residue inside the jar may either be saved or discarded
  • Wash and keep them aside till it dries completely
  • Keep jar and bowl aside after drying is finished

Cleaning a soybean milk maker is a simple and DIY task to accomplish. This hardly takes few minutes of your time.

Ensure to follow the procedures mentioned above carefully to clean your milk maker after every use. This will not only save you from all the health issues that may be caused but also increase the life of your milk maker. And moreover you are relieved of running to a repair store every now and then.

Soy Milk Maker Bestsellers

Choosing the right essentials for your kitchen is many times a hectic and time consuming job, when we are planning to buy few online.

However if you are one like me (who like to buy a product online after reading lots of positive reviews and after confirming that lots of people have already bought it and enjoyed it) then you will certainly find this bestseller list useful.

soy milk

We try to update this list most often to serve you the best in the market, without wasting your time.

Why not skip reading dozens of soy milk maker reviews online, which requires spending hours of your time for picking up the right soy milk maker!

For me it’s always a better choice to go with a product that has worked for hundreds of other users like us!

I personally do not go with a product that has lower rating or has been launched recently and tried by only 1-2 users.

So, lets start with making the bestseller list of soy milk maker, precise and most useful for you.

Little below we will also add some of the best options if you want to buy soy milk, almond milk, coffee maker, milk frother, yogurt maker, milk thistle and ice cream maker.

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Importance of Commercial Soy Milk Maker for Restaurants

Soy milk, the most favorite nutritious drink of every family is easy to make with an advanced technology machine which has captured the top ratings worldwide. Its features, functions price, quality and service are what attract most of them towards it as the best kitchen appliance. Many researchers have presented abundant health benefits of the soybean along with some of the bad parts. Despite of all the discussions about the soy milk every homemaker make it a part of their daily diet.

drinking soy milk in restaurant

Kids drinking soy milk in a restaurant

Not only this, you find soy milk maker machines in restaurants as a commercial soy milk maker. These machines makes delicious milk for those who love to enjoy the tasty milk and milk shakes during the lunch or at the time for supper.

Today, commercial grade soy milk maker is the part of every restaurant as the customer’s top choice is to order the soy milk and get it served instantly.

Soy milk with a number of compounds useful for health has become the top priority of every restaurant globally to let every customer enjoy the taste of it in a delightful way.

Many are not still aware of this healthy drink and after trying at a nearby restaurant find it tasty and feel the need to try at home for the family.

There are numerous customers who plan certain meals of the day with friends and family. At the time of special events and occasions like birthday parties they may order large quantities of soy milk to gain some of the health benefits and energy.

So there is a need of commercial grade soy milk maker for restaurants to serve with the nutritious and healthy drink to their customers and get credit in restaurants.

If you are going to start a restaurant business and wish to present health benefits menu, then make soymilk maker machine the main part of the kitchen for smooth operation of making soy milk with all the required ingredients with the best competence and top product quality.

Mainly, high capacity of the soy milk machine and its heating technology is what makes it a right choice to add to the appliances of the restaurant kitchen. Advanced technology design for easy to use and present nutritious soy milk is what makes its importance in the restaurant kitchens. And being made of stainless steel it is safe as well as good for grinding and cooking.

Finally, the robust construction, low maintenance cost and easy installation facility demands the use of commercial soymilk maker in restaurants inevitably. A restaurant without the machine in their kitchen is not complete and should therefore consider adding one to their kitchen. If you are into restaurant business you can find a good machine for online. Just shop for them now and make your customers happy.

5 Reasons To Buy Soy Milk Maker for Your Kitchen

Soya bean milk is considered to be a very healthy diet for all ages. It is a good source of isoflavones, vitamin – B and protein. It is highly nutritious and proves to be very good for health when consumed in right quantity.

Consuming soy milk on regular basis eases health issues like menopause symptoms in women, reduces cholesterol, reduce risks of cancer and prevent osteoporosis.

soy bean milk maker

But buying Soya bean milk on a daily basis from a general store or a food store will cost you much!

Moreover it might be sometimes too sweet, very dilute and might not be worth of money you are spending for your family. Buying a soy milk from stores can even prove bad for your health rather than giving you all the benefits.

Have you ever thought about buying a best soy milk maker for making healthy soy milk at home?

Buying Soy Milk Maker online is not a tough task as there are many different brands and make to serve you and your family in a best possible manner. Moreover they are not highly priced and most of these come in your budget.

You will feel great to savour the taste of Soya bean milk at your home whenever you want. You just have to press button and the Soya bean milk suiting your taste buds will be ready within 20 minutes. Want to know additional 5 reasons why you should buy a Soya bean milk maker? I will tell you why!!!

1- Multipurpose Property Unique to This Soy Bean Milk Maker

You would be glad to know that the soy milk maker machine is not only restricted to making Soya bean milk as it can help you to make many cold and hot drinks for your family.

It acts as a powerful juice blender, a slow porridge cooker, one milkshake machine that gives chilled milkshake, almond or rice milk maker, dessert maker, soup boiler and a warm paste maker.

Thus the functionalities are not restricted not to one particular thing. This makes the appliance unique and a must buy product for your kitchen! If you are a mom like me and love spending time in your kitchen for preparing great tasty food for family, then  you will surely find this machine worth buying.

Personally I recommend and use JOYOUNG Soy Milk Maker and it works great for preparing great tasting milk for my kids and whole family. Not only this helps in preparing soy milk but also it helps me in cooking raw almond milk, cashew milk, and other raw nut milks for my kids. Moreover i can also prepare fruit juice and fruit jam with this awesome machine.

2- Time Saving Fully Automatic Machine for Your Healthy Family

The machine is fully automatic and will grind the Soya bean into fine powder with the help of powerful blades in it. The technology of confined space also enables the fine grinding of Soya bean and other raw nuts like cashew and almonds. The finer Soya bean particles will be cooked properly and the Soya bean milk that will be delivered will be warm, smooth and fragrant.

A mom like me always know it well that how hard it is to make your kids drink the whole glass of milk everyday. And I am glad to confess that after buying the automatic soy milk maker machine for kitchen, i had never faced such issues again. My kids love the tasty milk that I prepare for them using the machine.

Thus you see that with an automatic soy milk maker machine in your kitchen you can make your kids healthy by providing them the best tastier milk for their health everyday for their nutrition requirement. However it is to be noted that consuming soy milk on daily basis can prove harmful for your kids and thus you can make variations of other nut milk for your kids using the machine.

3- Easy to Wash and Care Kitchen Appliance

I am always keen enough to check whether the kitchen appliance I am buying is easy to care and maintain. And the bad part of me is that I check this whenever I buy any new appliance for my kitchen.

Glad to say that these soy milk making machines are high tech in design and are quite easy to wash. Caring and maintaining these milk makers is not a touch task and even your teenage daughter can help you in cleaning this everyday after use.

You just have to drop the dish washing liquid into it and fill water above 900 ml mark. After this press the button “easy wash” (which comes with some models). The interior of the soy milk maker will be washed automatically. After this keep your expert Soya bean milk maker under flowing water and the fine particles can be easily wiped off using foamy sponge.

Dry it completely and place it at a safe place for next usage! That’s All!

4- Easy to Handle Machine

The machine you buy for making soy and nut milk is very easy to handle. As it is portable and can be taken to any part of the kitchen you can use it easily at any corner of your kitchen wherever you want.

The soy milk maker that comes for home use is smaller in size and you will hardly believe that you can get all these different amazing functions in one single small kitchen appliance.

The smart soy milk maker fits easily into the free space in your kitchen. And just one button press is needed for ordering the machine to do its job. According to the button that is pressed and the contents, it will provide you with Soya bean and almond milk, Fruit blended juice, milkshake,  jam, juice, etc.

5- Elegant and Classy Look for Your Modern Kitchen

People who have recently redesigned their kitchen with a new modern look are more choosy when buying the kitchen appliances for their kitchen. But worry not!

As the soy milk maker machines available in online market are very elegant and classy in look, it will add to the value of your kitchen through its high tech design and style. The exterior portion is designed using white or light colored high quality plastic and this makes it easy to blend with any environment.

To buy soy milk maker for your modern kitchen is a good decision to make. With this amazing machine in your kitchen you can easily serve your family members and kids with the tasty, healthy milk everyday. So why not check the soy milk maker reviews here and make the best decision for your family.