25 Best Organic Soy Milk Brands

Having a balanced nutritional profile Soy milk is one of the most delicious drink for people who are allergic to dairy.

If you are lactose intolerant or you just aren’t a fan of dairy milks, you can now switch to better tasting flavored soy milk that are lactose free as well as healthy.

Now if you want to shop for these healthy soy drinks, you may have come across the ones that are labelled as Organic.

If you are not pretty sure about what these are OR whether you should try them out or not – let’s discuss some of the facts related to organic soy milk here. Hopefully this can help you make the best decision while shopping…

What Is Organic Soy Milk?

Organic soy milk is many times recommended (over normal soy milk or cow milk) by dietitian and nutritionists due to additional benefits it provide to the users.

Well, What does organic mean in food?

The term “Organic” when used for foods generally means that it is produced using the farming system/methods which completely avoids the use of man-made chemical fertilizers, pesticides, genetic engineering, sewage sludge or other artificial chemicals.

Organic Food is rather produced using the approved cultural and biological practices which promote ecological balance and biodiversity.

Now when it comes to the branded soy milks that are labeled as “organic”, it does not necessarily means that all of which you see in the market are completely chemicals and additives free.

You should therefore check for a reliable brand whose product is certified as organic by the USDA. These contain at least 95% of organic content and is safer to consume for all.

Organic Soy Milk Good Or Bad

Organic soy milk is considered to be a good source of nutrition which is completely safe to drink for all ages.

Consuming the certified organic soy milk not only benefits your health but also the environment as it is produced in an environment friendly way by just soaking, grinding, and boiling the plant based soya beans in water.

Organic soy milk powder can also be sometimes used for preparing organic soy milk at home easily. However it may not be a viable option for many due to its taste and ease of preparing.

When talking about organic soy milk nutrition, the facts are it contains heart-healthy unsaturated fats, vitamins, calcium, protein and various other types of minerals like magnesium, iron, and potassium.

Although drinking organic soy milk is highly advantageous for health, there are few disadvantages as well which should be kept in mind.

Soy milk can actually prove bad when taken in excess amounts daily. Experts therefore suggest not to make it a part of your regular daily diet, but consume it two to four times in a week for better taste, nutrition and health benefits.

Soy milk can also prove bad for your health if it contains an ingredient called Carrageenan in it. Its a derivative of red seaweed which is mainly used in many dairy foods as a thickener, stabilizer or emulsifier.

Ensure that you buy the organic soy milk which comes without carrageenan.

25 Best Organic Soy Milk Brands

Organic soy milk/drink is now available in market under various brand names. Some of the most reliable and trustworthy names include (in no particular order):

  1. Silk
  2. Edensoy
  3. Vitasoy
  4. Westsoy
  5. So Nice
  6. Trader Joe’s
  7. 8th Continent
  8. Organic Valley
  9. Wildwood
  10. Soy Dream
  11. So Good
  12. Dean Foods
  13. Earth Balance
  14. GreenWise
  15. Pearl Soymilk
  16. Wild Harvest
  17. Zen soy
  18. Pacific Foods
  19. Full Circle
  20. 365
  21. Yeo’s
  22. Nature’s Promise
  23. O Organics
  24. Great Value
  25. Twin Oaks

These are among the top list of soy milk brands on the market that are known for producing various types of healthy drink including organic soy milk. Some of these brands also add flavors and nutrients (such as omega-3 fats and fiber) for making it taste better and healthier.

Is Organic and Non GMO The Same?

Non-GMO stands for non-genetically modified organisms. These are the foods that are healthier and safer as compared to foods containing GMOs. And for this reason most of the people prefer foods that are labelled Non-GMO.

“Organic” and “Non-GMO” are the two terms which are often used interchangeably by people while they are searching for best organic soy milk online. While both these terms may sound to be same, they are essentially not!

• The fact being, if a food is labeled – certified organic, it is essentially a GMO-free food.
• Whereas a non-GMO label on the food alone, does not mean that it is also organic.

While buying soy milk online, it is therefore good to choose Organic rather than Non-GMO.

Which Is The Healthiest Soy Milk Brand?

Upon making a quick soy milk brands comparison (based on our personal preference, reviews, customer testimonials and few other factors) we have found that Silk is the healthiest and most preferred soy milk brand around the world.

Silk soy milk, particularly organic soy milk unsweetened, is our top favorite when it comes to buying various types of soy milk online.

Besides Organic Valley, EdenSoy, Pacific Foods, WestSoy and few others; this is among the best organic soy milk brands without carrageenan.

They offer some of the best flavors that are widely sold across the globe and are healthiest for people in different ways.

You can use this vegan-friendly thickener as a beverage or as a cooking ingredient used in preparing various different types of meals and recipes in your kitchen.

If you want to buy Organic Silk soy milk online, you should check more about them before making your final buying decision.