Philips Soy Milk Maker HD2079 Review

Making yourself delicious and tasty soya milk with the help of Philips Soy Milk maker is a great idea.

This not only helps you to save money but you can have the knowledge and control of what exactly the ingredients used in its preparation.

Besides adding nuts and soya beans, if you wish, you can add some extra ingredients into it like sugar, flavours, sweeteners, salt or even thickeners.

Philips Soy milk maker HD2079 is the latest milk maker launched by Philips which is becoming quite popular world wide.

The product is designed keeping in mind all the safety as well as advanced features.

The company has designed the product very boldly with a stunning finish all over its body.

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Dimensions and Design

This Philips milk maker comes with the dimensions of 23X 34.5 X23 cm. This makes it an ideal device to produce milk up to one litres of capacity.

The Philips HD2079 Avance Collection Soy Milk Maker is very handy as it is just 2kgs in weight.

It is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the user and one can easily take it from one place to other due to its light weight feature.

The milk in this milk maker gets ready in just 30 minutes of cooking time, so all you need to do is to start with the operation and get your healthy and nutritious milk within an hour.

The stylish product comes with a high end design feature which looks great when you place it in your kitchen. The metallic body gives it a very elegant look.

The device comes with double metallic stainless steel colours.

Note: This particular soy milk maker brand may not be available at present. We therefore recommend getting the one from these best available soy milk maker machines.

Features and Operations

Philips Soy milk maker HD2079 as well as HD2072 advanced milk maker from Philips comes with very high safety features.

This device can be used for every day purposes and that is the reason that the company has made it ensuring complete safety of the users.

The device comes with sharp blades, that grind the soy beans quickly and enhance the grinding speed. This makes the milk preparation a speedy process.

The product is loaded with high technology sensors that prevent the soy milk from getting over cooked. The microprocessors control the process of heating and mixing efficiently.

Dual stainless steel body is provided that keeps the inside of the unit warm. However the surface is not so hot for the convenience of use.

High speed grinding feature is provided in this milk making machine and you can operate it to prepare healthy soy milk along with baby food and juice.

Furthermore this milk maker runs on voltage supply from 200 to 240 V AC supply voltage. However, if your AC voltage is between 100 to 120 V, then you will need a transformer for the voltage conversion.

In case you do not have the transformer available, then unfortunately this device will not operate.

The company wishes its customers to operate the machine well and that is the reason they deliver it with a complete user manual and guide that mentions its steps of operation as well as other safety measures.

The users can use the instruction manual for their ease and comfortable use of the product.

The manual with this Philips soy milk maker comes in English as well as Korean however the button language is Korean.

When it comes to pricing, Philip soy milk maker price is very affordable and is within the reach for everyone.

However we recommend checking and comparing it with few other brands as well so that you can get the best deal as per your requirement.