Sonya Soy Milk Maker Review: An Automatic Stainless Steel Machine for Every Kitchen

In the recent times, most household has included soy milk to their daily routine instead of dairy milk. According to the experts in the industry, compared to dairy milk, soy milk provides greater health benefits. This is due to the presence of abundant supply of proteins in soy milk which makes you healthy.

Consuming soy milk on a regular basis can help you keep cardio vascular diseases at bay. Although soy milk is healthy, getting hold of packed soy milk is not at all a healthy option. Many times people tend to ignore the packed date that ultimately helps in inviting troubles to your family’s health rather than benefits.

Sonya soy milk maker


Have you thought about an option that could provide you with abundant supply of soy milk daily without any hassle or risks? Many companies have today come out with soy milk makers that can be put into action so as to gain healthy and fresh soy milk at home.

Soy Milk Maker Machine Automatic Stainless Steel SYA19A by Sonya is the brand new addition to the list of best soy milk makers in the market. Unlike traditional models, it comes with a brand new stainless steel design making it the best choice of soy milk maker for consumers.

This is an updated model available after Sonya soy milk maker SYA 18A which allows you with an option to make milk of various kinds such as multi grain, soy and almond too. Additionally you can also prepare fruit juices, milkshake, paste, etc. in your kitchen with this exciting machine.

This milk making machine holds a capacity of more than 1.3L allowing you to grind milk for your entire family on a single go. The stainless steel design and the perfect grinding technology is yet another added advantage offered by this Sonya soy milk maker.

The heater is included at the bottom of this Sonya soy milk maker so as to ensure lesser heating.

Key Features of Sonya Soy Milk Maker

Features of sonya milk maker

  • The single touch automatic programming is the most beneficial element of this Sonya soy milk maker machine.
  • The LED light attached to the machine indicates working mode and the machine automatically stops once the grinding is complete.
  • With greater amount of storage capacity, the soy milk maker can prepare milk within half an hour making it the most time saving machine available in market now.
  • Sonya soy milk maker comes with a free warranty for one year providing you with the best deal for your money.
  • The filter less design allows you to enjoy easier cleaning. Just like any other model you need to ensure that the equipment is free of moisture while storing.

Other than the ease in use, Sonya soy milk maker machine also offers you with better cleaning options. This means you need not spend more than half of your energy and time into cleaning process.

For cooking enthusiasts there is a recipe book in English and Chinese languages provided which makes your cooking easy.

With so many features and advantages coming with the exciting machine, why not enjoy a healthy morning with this brand new Sonya stainless steel soy milk maker. Your family will simply love the great tasty milk you serve them.