5 Best Soy Milk Maker: Reviews, Buyer’s Guide and Tips

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Decided to takeover on drinking soy milk rather than consuming plain cow’s milk? Well that’s a great idea and no doubt it will give a boost to your healthy schedule.

soy milk

But have you thought about making a glass of soy milk, every day you wake up early morning from bed? That can be troublesome and hassle full task (at least for me).

No worries! Now you can get a soy milk maker which is a great option for making your task easier and hassle free.

Adding this machine to your kitchen can really ease your task of preparing soy milk just like a breeze.

You will hardly believe that these milk making machines can make a healthy, nutritious and tasty drink within few minutes.

No matter whether you are planning to prepare soy milk for yourself OR want to cook for any of your family member, the ultimate goal of this machine is to provide you healthiest drink fast without compromising your busy work schedule.

Health should be the main concern for people who want to get the nutritional benefits of the milk. But many people forget about it while buying a kitchen appliance.

Hence they sometimes end up purchasing a machine which do not provide any good to their health. Don’t be one of those people while making a purchase!

Vegetable milk maker machine like soy milk machine for home use is getting much popular not only for the reason it prepares milk fast but also due to the reason its hygienic as well as economical.

What is A Soy Milk Maker?

An automatic soy milk maker is an interesting portable kitchen appliance to cook awesome flavored soy milk in very less time.

Today, due to advancement in technology you can find different models of soy and almond milk makers to choose from. You can use them any time to present fresh soy milk for your family.

According to recent survey reports it is revealed that people on a diet with soy protein consider using this soy milk maker to reduce the risk of cardio diseases.

The vegetable milk maker machine is worth investing if you want to give your family a healthy drink daily for satisfying their nutritious demand.

You should definitely add this to your collection of kitchen appliances as it controls your intake of ingredients and allows you to be away from the available soy milk in the market (which may not be healthy).

Generally the other methods of making soy milk are very hectic and require lots of labor. But with a soy milk extractor you can be a great chef for your family and friends.

Available with outstanding features and elegant usage method, this milk preparation machine helps you make various recipes within minutes in your own kitchen.

If you haven’t tried this soya bean milk machine, then move on at once, and get this stunning appliance added in your kitchen.

Best Soy Milk Maker Comparison

1- Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk Maker

*Capacity: 1.7 Lt
*Stainless steel/ Filterless
*Works Quietly
*Multi Tasking
*Discount Available: Yes
*Rating: 4.6
2- Joyoung Soy Milk Maker

*Capacity: 1.3 Lt
*Stainless steel/ Filterless
*Works Quietly
*Multi Tasking
*Discount Available: Yes
*Rating: 4.1
3- Tribest Soyabella Soymilk Maker

*Capacity: 0.9 Lt
*Stainless steel/ Filter
*Bit Noisy
*Multi Tasking
*Discount Available: Yes
*Rating: 4.2
4- Presto Pure Soy Milk Maker

*Capacity: 1.9 Lt
*Stainless steel/ Filterless
*Bit Noisy
*Multi Tasking
*Discount Available: Yes
*Rating: 4.4
5- Tayama Soy Milk Maker

*Capacity: 1.1 Lt
*Stainless steel/ Filterless
*Works Quietly
*Multi Tasking
*Discount Available: N/A
*Rating: 4.1

Top 5 Best Soybean Milk Makers Reviewed

Below you will find an easy interactive comparison chart for our top 5 best picks of soy milk makers and almond milk maker that are bestsellers and top reviewed.

I am sure that the reviews here will help you find the best machine for your needs to provide best value for your money.

1. Soyajoy Soy Milk Maker

The most popular of all, Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk Maker and Soup Maker is one of the best amazing tool that you can have in your kitchen to cook soy milk in no time.

Sanlinx Inc. is the very first company which introduced its original SoyaJoy (the first in soy milk makers) in 1999.

This was opened for purchase in Northern American markets and since then every updated product they launched was the great success in the world. And this forth generation SoyaJoy G4 soy milk maker is no exception.

Not only in United States but this is one of the most popular soy milk maker models in UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, etc.

SoyaJoy G3 which is now replaced with this newer SoyaJoy G4 model is rated 5-Stars. It comes with enhanced 1.7 litre capacity and with excellent bottom heating up technology.

You can use SoyaJoy G4’s – 5 automatic, single button feature for preparing fully cooked soup, milk, nuts, grains and raw vegan bean milk. The machine is low in maintenance and you can easily clean it after use without any hassles.

Furthermore as it is made up of stainless steel therefore the concern of color stains and leaching of the plastic in the food is not a problem for you.

You can even enjoy other features like High- tech design, DC motors with low noise features superb advanced temperature features, excellent water level sensors, durability, high performance and solid-state controlling power.

When you buy this machine online you also get accessories like measuring cup, cleaning pad, pitcher, user manual, sieve, and a 0.3 lb package of soybean. The machine comes with a year warranty which makes your investment risk free.

2. Joyoung Soy Milk Maker

Special in making Soy milk, this Joyoung soy milk maker DJ13U-D08SG is a brilliant home appliance to make your own soy milk in a better way.

Presented with special features and cooking modes, this soya milk processing machine comes with durable stainless steel interior.

It has no heating tube and its easy cleaning quality and safe operation is a perfect match to your kitchen. This milk maker is surely worth to purchase to try out various Joyoung soy milk maker recipes in very less time.

This is easy and advanced to operate as it comes with micro computer control and fully automatic quality. This Joyoung soy milk maker has 1.3 liter capacity jar which makes it easy to make the milk not only from soy beans but also from rice, mung beans, corn, and almonds.

Just buy this soy milk extractor now and be ready to make milkshake, smoothies, fruit juice, soup and even porridge with this easy to clean and wash appliance. Your guests will certainly love to get the next treat you will offer them!

3. Tribest Soyabella Soymilk Maker

Tribest Soyabella SB-130 Soymilk Maker and Coffee Grinder is no doubt a brilliant performer and an efficient appliance which you should not miss having in your kitchen.

Considering everyday dairy milk requirements and keeping in mind about concern towards diet, you have Tribest soyabella soymilk maker as an amazing appliance.

If you are a person who love to have multi-functions in one machine, this is just for you. Keep on maintaining your diet and health of your family as you have Tribest soyabella soy milk maker to make rice milk from rice paste, hot soups, smoothies and delicious porridge within few minutes.

Besides this, it keeps you stress free from cleaning task, presenting easy to clean feature with different attachments that lets you use them for every recipe and tasty creation you want in the kitchen.

It scores 4.2 out of 5 star rating at Amazon.com that comes from the actual users who are already using this machine and are satisfied by the results they are getting.

I personally like this fastest soymilk making machine to make hot and cold items in the kitchen. It is efficient as it comes with temperature controlled cycle that gives perfect results without any noise.

4. Presto Pure Soy Milk Maker

Presto Pure is a top favorite brand among kitchen appliance users that is well known for its excellence and technology.

Presto Pure IAE15 Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker is much more than a soy milk maker, which makes raw milk from soybeans, cashews, almonds, and other nuts in very less time. You can also make rice milk, soup, porridge and cold juice with this excellent soy milk machine.

This nut milk maker holds three main parts in the form of a stainless steel jug with 1.9 liter capacity, a power cord and a blade to mash the beans perfectly.

If you are confused to follow exact measurements while making the juice, then there are measurement cup provided which will help you while grinding the nuts.

Mainly, it’s fast cutting technology grinds the beans finely without the need of filtration like other machines do need.

As the jug is made up of dual layer stainless steel body and is coated with a heat proof material, it is highly durable and convenient to use at all places. Bottom heating is provided for even cooking of the milk.

With Presto Pure Soy Milk Maker, it is made possible to make many of your favorite drinks with a simple process.

Make it all-time favorite and easy to use by going through the manual before you use it for the first time.

5. Tayama Soy Milk Maker

Worried about your kids health, because they do not love drinking plain cow milk? If so, then bring home Tayama DJ-15C Soy Milk Maker, which presents many health benefits along with a great flavored taste.

This model is packed with more advanced features than its previous model. It presents special features in the form of six options mainly for wrapped up beans, juice, puree, paste and dry beans.

The milk is convenient to blend in the 1.5 liter easy to use jar. In case you need some additional accessories for exceptional features, you have a small carafe, a measuring cup, cleaning pads for easy cleaning, a strainer to strain the milk and serve.

This all comes handy with the maker to help you cook fresh soy milk at home without any trouble.

If you desire to reduce the hard work of your mom in the kitchen, then gift this milk shake maker Tayama soy milk maker on the special day as a special gift to make soy protein shakes, fruit smoothies and juices for a healthy diet to achieve better health and lose weight if you are on a diet program.

One of the best things about this automatic machine is that it comes at an unbelievably low price and is therefore considered as one of the best soy milk maker under $100.

Why Buy Soy Milk Maker for Kitchen?

With the advancement in our life styles, technology and standard of living – nowadays, we are becoming more conscious when it comes to buying appliances for our kitchen.

This is the reason why most of us are now interested in purchasing stuffs that can help in preparing restaurant items at home (of course in a much healthier and affordable way).

The three essential most reasons (which I consider) why buying a good soy milk maker machine is a must have and can be a good investment for you are:

  1. Making soy milk easy, fast, healthy and hygienic
  2. It also helps to make nut milks, rice milk, oats and soup
  3. The machines are handy, inexpensive, versatile and good looking for your modern kitchen

Few Other Brands Available In The Market

I know, some of you may not be satisfied by just seeing these 5 brands of soy milk maker machines.

So if you are a sort of person who want to search, check, compare more; and then want to buy the best one for your kitchen, let me tell you that there are tons more brands available for you 🙂

Few of the newer and less popular brands of soy milk makers include names like Soylove, Soyapower, Sonya, SoyQuick, Supentown, Presto Pure, Gourmet, Mester and Midea soy milk maker.

These are gaining rapid popularity in the US as well as international markets like UK, Canada and Asia. As most of these are available at comparable low prices it can suffice your needs at an affordable cost.

You just need to check more about their features in detail before making the best decision to buy your best soy milk maker for your kitchen.

Read the reviews well and compare the features so that you may get a long lasting soy milk making machine which serves your family for long.

10 Important Things to Check Before Buying

Finding a good almond or soy milk blender requires a bit of attention and research as you may have different personal requirement from what I may have.

It is therefore important that you make a comparison of few of the shortlisted products (that we have already done for you) and choose the one best that suits your particular requirements.

Here are the important considerations you need to have in mind while choosing:

1- Check Interior Lining and Durability: The quality of the machine is directly dependent upon the kind of metals and materials used for manufacturing it. If your machine is made up of fine quality material, then only it can give you high quantity soy milk for long.

Soy milk processing machines in the market comes with food grade stainless steel or plastic inner lining.

Choosing the soy milk machine with stainless steel inner lining is the best option for you as it helps you in avoiding the risk exposed to your health when you use plastic body machines for preparing the milk.

2- Check About The Time Needed for Preparation: At most soy milk makers can prepare a drinkable soy milk within 20-30 minutes. So if a machine takes more time than that – for preparing the milk (from the unprepared dry beans) – it should not be a good option for you.

In case you are buying best soy milk maker for professional purpose then you should ensure that it rapidly produces high quality milk in no time.

On the other hand, if it is bought for the residential purpose then a low costing machine which produces milk at slower pace can be considered.

What matters most is the technology used. So you should insist on buying a best milk making machine that is available in the latest version or model. Do not ever compromise with the old fashioned soy milk making machine (with older version) just because it is available at a low cost.

3- Check The Capacity of Machine: Capacity of the machine is important to judge before you buy the machine. You can buy a machine with lesser capacity if you want to prepare the milk too often or only for 1-2 persons. But if you require making milk for 3-5 people (or even more) you should definitely invest in something bigger.

4- Check Whether Its Filter-less: Most of the high quality soybean making machine comes with a filter-less design. This means that these models are provided with an in-built filter which takes care of all the straining process to remove the okara or soybean pulp from the prepared milk.

However as there are few cheaper models available which does not comes with this feature, it is important for you to check this out before making a final buying decision. Choosing the machine which comes with an in-built filter can be much easier and time saving option for you.

5- Is It Multi-Tasking: I swear, you will not at all love buying a machine for your kitchen which does only a single job.

Most of these high quality soya milk makers are great multitaskers and it is best to choose the one which not only helps to prepare good refreshing soy milk for your family but also the other nut milk in addition to soup, porridge, juice, oatmeal and much more.

6- Is It Noisy: A noisy kitchen appliance is something I hate working with! And I am quite sure that most of you do not love that too. So it is one of the most important step to check (at least for me) if the machine you choose works quietly in your kitchen or not.

7- Is It Economical: Choosing a machine which is economical is important for you. Now with this, I don’t mean that you should go for a cheapest model in the market.

Being economical, according to me means that it should save you good deal of time and money in long run as you will be using the machine in your kitchen for life long.

8- Is It Easy and Fast to Clean: Just like the time taken by the soy milk maker’s in milk production, the time taken to clean the machine must also be paid ample attention.

It has been often seen that soy milk makers end up getting damaged if they are not cleaned and maintained properly. Hence, you must specifically resort for a best soy milk and almond milk maker that can get cleaned in a faster and easier manner.

While buying best soy milk maker, ensure that it has minimum number of gaps and grooves through which residue can get inside the machinery.

9- Is It Safe to Cook: While making a deal online for the best soy milk maker machine you must find out the way the machine allows you to pour hot milk.

The milk serving procedure should be fast as well as safe for you. Also it is good to check out that whether it has a pour spout or UL-listed.

As you would be using the machine in your kitchen on daily basis to prepare the soya milk for your family for long term you should carefully take a look at this feature.

10- Customer Reviews: The customer reviews and testimonials must be considered before resorting for a best soy milk maker. The taste of the produced soy milk entirely depends upon the kind of machine and methodology used for the milk production.

Customer testimonial and user review is the only way through which you can help yourself in selecting the best soy milk maker in the market.


We have tried hard to put together maximum information to help you find the best soya bean milk machine.

However Its up to you to make your decision and go with a product that suits your needs maximum, is in your price range and can provide you best nutritional value of soy milk.

We will of course keep you updated with latest products and brands of milk shake maker which comes over as best in the market.

In case you want to share your best product (which we have may have missed out), please do let us know about it, we will take a look at and may add it in our review if its really worth.

If you want to do more research on finding the best soy milk maker machines you may check some of these at sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.