Best Soy Milk Maker UK Reviews

Although it has been seen that drinking high volumes of soya bean milk is not good for health, it is popular all over the world due to the nutritional benefits it offers.

People who are aware of its benefits tend to drink it in adequate quantities and also serve their families with the great tasting milk regularly.

No matter you are in Asia or America or United Kingdom you can find great fans of soya bean milk who prepares it in their kitchen daily for enjoying the flavor and health benefits.

For people in UK it is now easy to find the bestselling soy milk maker in UK at site.

And believe me, buying the best one for your kitchen can easily help you prepare the great tasty milk for your family every day.

Besides the common brands like Philips, Panasonic, Tribest, Soylove, etc there are many other brands that are best selling and popular in United Kingdom (UK).

Check our popular reviews below and choose the one that suits you best.

Tribest SB-130 Soyabella Soymilk Maker

Its time to add versatility to your kitchen with this Soy milk maker UK from Tribest! This is a multi-function food processor that you can use to make instant soya milk, rice drink, nut milk, soup and smoothies.

This superbly designed Tribest soy milk maker fits your needs of making soy milk and other vegetable milk from oat, almonds, hazelnuts, quinoa and other grains.

The machine features an innovative design and stainless steel jar with boiling chamber. Hence, you can enjoy ultra-easy cleaning and excellent durability.

It has multiple programs to make milk, smoothies, soups and others at a cost you can afford. Excellent performance is guaranteed at micro pressure.

You can also use this soy milk maker machine as a coffee grinder and mill which is an added advantage for you. The included accessories will help you to utilize and enjoy all these functionalities without any trouble.

The best advantage of this milk maker is its heating coil. Unlike other models, its heating coil is not exposed which is safe to use.

The company has made the heating element of this machine hidden inside the stainless steel boiling chamber.

Other than this, the machine also comes with advanced safety features and technology which prevents the machine from overflows, dry heating or overheating of the food.

Overall, Tribest Soyabella is a sleek, contemporary designed soy and almond milk maker which looks stunning in your kitchen.

And as it is compact in design it saves the valuable kitchen space. You can surely buy this milk maker for safe and reliable operation in your kitchen.

Soya Milk Maker Midzu IV – UK and Europe plugs

Currently this is not available at Amazon. You can check these options instead! Also you can check Joyoung Soy Milk Maker UK which is getting popular. 

Soya Milk Maker Midzu IV is one of the most popular soy milk maker in UK. It comes with a multi-function capacities, such as for making soy milk, soup, smoothies and vegetable drinks.

You can now easily make tasty drinks from soya, almonds, nuts, rice, oatmeal, quinoa and other grains. This machine is stylish and innovative in design. While cooking, it preserves food nutrition and also it facilitates absolutely easy cleaning.

Better performance is assured when working at micro pressure. Stainless steel jar design ensures high-end durability. You can use dry beans or soaked beans to make vegetable milk in this exciting milk maker.

Just you need to choose the option ‘dry bean’ or ‘soaked bean’ in the machine and get delicious vegetable milk within minutes.

This Midzu soy milk maker machine features multiple functions and capacities to choose from. You will find options like bean paste, rice congee, porridge, soup, paste, stew and fruit/vegetable juice.

Make mashed beans using the bean paste option, rice congee gets you a sort of soup or rice porridge while porridge option is for the cereals.

Choose paste option to make pastes with cereal grains. Soup can be made easily with different ingredients.

Crushing ingredients or vegetables has made easier with the stew option. You can make smoothies and nut drinks by choosing fruit/vegetable juice option.

The product comes with several add-ons, including filter net, measuring cup, rummer for soaking, power cord, brush and mop for cleaning, and manual in 4 languages.

Compliant with the ROHS environmental standards, the machine is delivered with F and G plugs at European and UK countries respectively.

It comes with voltage capacity 230V/50Hz by default but 110V/60Hz is also available. It has a capacity of 1.3-1.5 liters and features 950W heat power and 200W motor power.

The maker is also available with tofu kit. If you want you can get the tofu kit individually which is a great way to prepare tofu at home.

The Midzu tofu kit comes with all needed accessories to make your own tofu.

The kit includes a plastic box with holes, muslin and a lid in the above with elliptical handle. You should clean this product with water and a smooth dishwasher liquid.

Tofu kit does not develop bacteria so you can wash it in the dishwasher.