Soy Milk Vs Almond Milk: Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

If you are on a diet plan, then you might be well aware of the calories that might get added up into your body due to consumption of dairy products. The most important dairy product that every individual consume is milk.

Whether it’s in raw form or converted to coffee or tea, all of these might end up adding calories resulting in weight gain than weight loss. This is when alternatives to dairy products gain importance.

Many people have now started a tendency to consume almond or soy milk instead of dairy products. Consumption of either almond or soy milk on a daily basis will help you stay on your diet plan effectively.

Almond milk and soy milk are the most popular drinks and are highly recommended by dietitians to add to the breakfast of the people who are allergic to lactose intolerance, casein allergies, heart diseases and diabetes.

It is difficult to express about which is better on heath as both of these two are advantageous for health.

In case of nutritional comparison, almond milk is soaring in fats than the soy milk and in case of calories; both are more advantageous to the dieters.

People who drink soy and almond milk, alternatively, feel good in health with energy as they are a composition of Omega –3 and 6 fatty acids, which are favorable to blood pressure and cholesterol reduction and provides the protection against neurological and cardiovascular diseases.

Why Almond or Soy Milk?

Both almond and soy are the best alternatives to dairy milk and offer benefits to people who hold an allergy towards casein, or lactose intolerance and even to people who are diabetic or prone to heart diseases.

Soy or Almond Milk

Nutritional Benefits of Soya and Almond Milk

Both almond and soy are high in the supply of Vitamin B. If you are on a dieting schedule, then it is advisable for you to consume the same on a daily basis so as to gain better results.

Also, both of these milk variety aid in the supply of essential minerals to your body such as zinc, magnesium and iron as compared to the other varieties. These essential minerals will help to control your blood pressure and provide increased oxygen supply to your body.

In case you are allergic to the sterol contained in soy milk, then it is advisable for you to stick to almond milk. Although almond milk contains higher fat than that of soy, it is less starchy making almond the popular choice among weight losers.

The composition of omega fatty acids in almond milks helps to keep you protected against any kind of cardiovascular syndromes.

Yet another added advantage of almond milk is that it is highly rich in Vitamin E and manganese that effectively helps to improve the quality of your skin and also protects the body against cancer.

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Making the Best Choice Between Almond and Soy Milk

Soy milk contains high amount of starch which makes it less likely to help in your weight loss journey. Consuming soy milk on a daily basis is advisable only to those people who are allergic towards nuts.

Many doctors do not encourage consumption of soy milk to women who are on reproductive cycle. According to these doctors, in case you are consuming soy milk on a regular basis then you are prone to hormonal imbalances and even mood swings.

On a nutshell, if you are on a weight loss spree then consumption of almond milk (rather than soy milk) on a regular basis will offer you the following advantages:

  • Lesser amount of fat and calorie content compared to any other dairy product
  • Highly rich in vitamins and calcium provides you with stronger bones
  • High in fiber promoting healthy digestion
  • Vitamin A and E filled in almond functions as anti oxidants and helps in increasing your immune system

So, if you wish to get yourself fit and perfect with losing some fat, then replace your dairy milk with almond milk and have a healthy and fit morning. It will be no doubt a good start for you!