Soy Milk vs Cow Milk: Which Offers Better Nutrition?

Soy milk or cow milk both these forms act as an option when it comes to consuming milk in morning. Both have their own health benefits and hazards on your body. And this is the reason why people often doubt about what type of milk is most suitable for them.

Let us take a close look at advantages and disadvantages of both these types of milk.

In terms of nutrition, soy milk is the first alternative than the other substitutes like plain cow’s milk, rice milk or almond milk with a group of required nutrients that are essential to your body for growth. Due to the presence of disease preventing phytosterols, which lack in cow’s milk, many people today are showing interest in extracting it at home and drinking it for getting the maximum health benefits.

Generally, soy milk is lactose free and is often used by those who are allergic to dairy milk. Soy milk has less calcium and vitamin b, but rich in iron in comparison to the regular cow’s milk. If you have gained interest in drinking soy milk every day and trying soy milk recipe for children, then you have simple recipes to try and make a delicious drink to enjoy every day with meals or during breakfast time.

Soy Milk vs Cow Milk Nutrition

Cow Milk Nutrients and Health Benefits

An important dairy product that is aimed at supply of energy to human body is cow milk. This is in no way a dietary drink and is high content of fat, calcium and proteins.

Calcium is an important factor that helps in growth of human bones and tissues. The lack of calcium in human body especially kids who are growing may result in hazardous effects. And therefore cow’s milk is a must diet for toddlers and growing kids.

Cow’s milk is high in content of Vitamin D and is required for healthy skin and its growth.

In case you are on a watch of cholesterol then regular cow milk can be alternated with skimmed or low fat cow milk or better to opt for soy milk (which contains no cholesterol). This ensures that your body does not consume more cholesterol also at the same time ensuring that necessary health is supplied to the body without effecting your heart.

Disadvantages of cow milk which cannot be ignored are as follows:

  • It is an ideal health drink to kids and infants while adults who consume milk daily might put on weight.
  • People with heart problems and cholesterol need to avoid cow milk due to the presence of fats.

Due to few of the disadvantages regular cow’s milk is now available in various forms. And it is good to know about these types of milk before you go with any one of these. The most common types of milk that are available in stores for buying include:

  • Whole milk (3.5% milk fat),
  • Reduced fat milk or 2% milk,
  • Low fat milk or 1% milk,
  • Fat free milk (with about 0.2% milk fat)

The percentages which are shown with the names of the type of milk is an indication of how much fat is present in the milk as compared to weight.

The first one which is called as whole milk is likely the natural form of milk which comes from the cow before it is processed. Then for the sake of different types of consumers this is skimmed differently and is made available in different varieties. All these kinds of milk contains nine essential nutrients found in whole milk along with different fat quantities.

Soy Milk Nutrients and Health Benefits

Soy milk is not a dairy product and is prepared by crushing soy plant. Many families now rely on consuming soy milk every morning for the healthy benefits if offer.

When it comes to considering health benefits soy beans are at an advantage. They offer human body with healthy supplement compared to that of cow milk, almond or rice milk. Soy milk helps in the supply of potassium and protein to human body. These proteins are an important source of energy supply.

Soy milk can be consumed everyday as it is healthy and do not contain any added preservatives of any kind. They carry lesser fat compared to that of cow milk. This is an ideal kind of health drink to people who are diet conscious. One great thing about soy milk is that it can be easily prepared at home.

However it is good to know that soy milk does not have any kind of calcium content. And as calcium is an important element that supplies energy to formation of bones hence it cannot be opted as a healthy drink for kids who are growing.

Below mentioned are some disadvantages of soy milk which cannot be ignored as well:

  • Sometimes soy milk causes irritation or allergies on skin.
  • Higher content of phytoestrogens in soy milk may result in men becoming less fertile in case of consuming more than 3 quarts a day.
  • Regular consumption of soy milk may result in hormonal imbalances in women.
  • Soy milk already contains lesser calcium content and the presence of phytates in soy milk may also interfere in absorption of calcium.


Well, soy milk has more iron and vitamin B than cow’s milk and contains 42 times more manganese which is good for bone formation in the body. It reduces the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol and presents more benefits on health than the cow’s milk.

Basically, soy milk has less fat, calories, fiber and sugar than the cow’s milk. And therefore according to soymilkexperts soy milk is a winner.

When it comes to comparing soy milk vs cow milk nutrition it is really important to note down pros and cons before relying on any kind of health drink.

The fact is, both of these types of milk are advantageous to health and have proved to be suitable for all the people. It all depends on the age factor and your body requirement. Both can act as a healthy drink option if consumed with care by keeping all the factors in mind.