Soy Milk vs Rice Milk: Which Is Better For Me?

Most of the people jump to the foods and drinks that provide high level of energy and maintains good health. The craze for a fair diet and fitness has made people to choose nutritious foods and drinks (like milk), balanced with proteins and vitamin content.

Well, dairy milk alternatives are occupying the grocery shops and food store shelves that make it a substitute and a tricky drink to consume.

These are not only healthy for your body but also good to taste. Soy milk and Rice milk are two great alternates of traditional cow milk which are good to taste and health.

But for those who are more concerned about their health, often confuse between the two varieties and want to stick to the one which is healthier.

So lets check here the same for knowing about which one among the Soy and Rice Milk is a healthier choice for you!

Soy milk Vs Rice milk

Soy milk is prepared by soaking the beans overnight, boiling and grinding with water. It is the favorite drink for many today due to its anti-nutrient properties and high quality protein contents.

Proper functioning of the body along with many other benefits can be attained by adding it to your first meal of the day or in the lunch. Drinking this milk, you can gain energy and feel healthy all the time.

Soy milk is considered to be an excellent source of fatty acids, Vitamin B and Isoflavones thus making it a right choice to replace the cow milk.

Fortunately, centuries old method of soaking the beans and grinding it to press the soy milk is the perfect method to enjoy a healthy drink in your home. You can also use the latest soy milk making machines for getting this done easily.

Rice Milk is made by pressing the soaked white rice with required water and straining to get the milk similar to the one available in the market.

It is an alternative to the cow’s milk and a healthy addition to have in the morning or midday to maintain health and level of energy in the body.

The main advantage of consuming rice milk is that it is lactose-free due to which most of the individuals (who are allergic to the cow’s milk) prefer to have it for their overall health.

Small children and toddlers with CMP allergy are friendly with rice milk as it is absorbed by the infant’s stomach quickly.

Which One is A Better Choice for You?

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan and looking for an alternative to replace the dairy milk, then soy milk with the similar creamy texture and high nutritional facts is better for you.

It contains 7 grams of protein in every single cup which is close to the 8 grams of protein in the cow’s milk. Plant based compound known as Phytoestrogen is also present in the soy milk which enhances its nutritional value.

If you are a good cook and wish to add soy milk to the various food recipes then it is no doubt a great creative skill to add this healthy drink to the menu. This will not only end up in making great healthy dishes but also makes your family during the lunch or dinner due to the great taste it offers.

In case of Rice milk, it is packed with carbohydrates. Those who have insulin related diseases need to consult the specialists before adding this to the diet. Every cup of rice milk contains 0.5 g of proteins with 86mg of sodium and 25g of total carbohydrates.

Soy milk is thus proved better to replace with the cow milk as it is helpful to reduce the bad cholesterol and the risk of developing cancer. Athletes and diet conscious adults can benefit a lot with this milk and can maintain healthy weight in a desired way.

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Which Tastes Better?

It is said by many that soy milk tastes sweet and is better to drink than the rice milk. Its sweetened version (and vanilla and chocolate versions) is what makes people add it to baking and cooking.

Besides great taste, it has all the required amino acids and is a right source of high-quality protein as well. Helps in weight management, reduces hunger for long hours and maintains high metabolism. It also help to cure the internal injuries and maintain the bone health.

Overall it can be said that Soy milk is the winning choice over Rice milk In taste, nutritional values and protein content. Though it is not a dairy product, it has the similar amount of carbohydrates, fat and proteins as that available in the cow’s milk.

Well, to enhance the taste, different flavors are added, which tops the list of other favorite drinks in the market.

Which is More Nutritious And Healthier?

Without any big difference, soy milk and rice milk are nutritious basically. Those who are allergic and concerned a lot about healthy diet can choose soy milk, since it is low in saturated fat and has no lactose which is good for heart and stroke patients.

As rice milk is the least choice of people with diabetes and strokes, there is more demand for soy milk which contains only 50 calories in single servings.

Perhaps, if you are looking for the right dietary protein, then soy milk is the perfect drink with more nutritional facts and incomparable to the cow milk or rice milk in any ways.

Finally, you have got to know the main facts of the two drinks. Hope it help you in taking the wise decision. Do keep a check that you do not over-consume any of them as it is always harmful for getting addicted of any of them.