Soymilk vs Lactose Free Milk: Knowing The Differences Between The Both

Soy milk and lactose free milk are kinds of milk varieties available for consumption in market. These kinds of milk varieties are relied by many due to the health benefits it offer. Both these kind of milk are used as a healthy drinking option, however there are some differences which should be known. Here we discuss about both these types of milks so that you can clearly know about the basic difference between soy and lactose free milk.


About Lactose Free Milk

Have you ever felt discomfort after consumption of milk? People face difficulties such as diarrhea, stomach ache and sometimes bloating and gas. This is due to lactose intolerance.

People with such kind of intolerance cannot consume natural milk. Natural milk is a great supplier of lactose. In such case lactose free milk comes to your aid.

Lactose free milk is completely pure form of milk with an only difference that it does not contain any lactose content in it. They are found in various varieties such as regular milk, whole, low fat and non fat. The lactose enzymes break down lactose into simple sugar molecules that makes milk easier for consumption. Lactose free milk does not take away the nutrition content and it contains same supply of calcium and calories as that of normal milk.

Lactose free milk is ideal for kids who are fast growing up. Even in an absence of lactose that carries same calcium properties as that of natural milk. This kind of milk is an ideal choice if you have problem with lactose consumption but still needs consumption of milk every morning. They offer similar properties and health factors as that of normal milk.

About Soy Milk

Soy milk is a kind of milk variety produced from soybeans. These kind of milk variety acts as a popular alternative to those who are vegans and are intolerant towards lactose content in milk.

The advantage of soy milk is that it is naturally produced from plants and hence there is no question of cholesterol content in milk. They also act as a healthy drink option to people who are not allergic to casein or lactose. Soy milk helps in providing higher amount of proteins and calcium to human body.

Both lactose free milk and soy milk have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • When it comes to comparing soy milk vs lactose free milk in terms of protein supply soy milk is at an advantage as they supply higher amount of proteins than that of lactose free milk.
  • Lactose free milk contains calcium similar to that of soy milk and hence it provides an advantage to kids who are growing up.
  • Soy milk can easily be prepared at home ensuring that you consume only healthy drink every morning.

When we are talking about Soymilk vs Lactose Free Milk it is clear that both the soy milk and lactose milk offer healthy options. However there are certain disadvantages too that both these variety of milk carry:

  • Soy milk can sometime result in allergies on both kids and adults as well.
  • Lactose free milk is not a healthy alternate option to people who are diet conscious. It contains high amount of calcium and fat.
  • Soy milk might result in thyroid disease in certain people.