Sunpentown Soy Milk Maker Review

The brand new fully upgraded and automatic version of Sunpentown soy milk maker comes with a Vortex grinding system.

The fully automatic version can be used to make almost 1.5 lit of soybean milk and other non dairy milk in less than 20 minutes.

The preparation portion is also at its simplest form wherein we are required to just add the required amount of water, soybean according to the need and grind it.

The soybean used for brewing can be either dry or soaked. For better taste prefer using soaked beans.

The new Sunpentown automatic soy milk maker comes with a stainless blade and pitcher.

The dual water resistance technology helps to remove unwanted moisture content on the machine.

The safety feature in the machine includes an instant Off feature which comes into play if the motor lid is accidentally removed.

Ease in Handling

The soy milk maker machine is microprocessor controlled. Once the ingredients are filled in then the machine starts to work with a simple one touch.

There are different level of programs present in this soy bean milk maker to operate brewing according to the kind of bean used as in Dry or Soaked bean.

This soy milk maker is easy to use wherein one just needs to add the ingredients and fill the required amount of water.

One press option on the equipment starts its grinding process and release an audio note if the grinding is complete. This means that we can easily continue our other works instead of sticking near the machine.

The stainless steel blade with 4 cutting surfaces ensures that the entire content is grinded thoroughly.

All the parts of the equipment that has direct contact with milk are made of stainless steel and hence one need not worry about rusting or any other kind of damage.

Note: Although this is not one of the best soy milk makers in the market, you may consider checking it out if you want to compare some of the brands before making a purchase.

For getting the best soy milk maker, we recommend checking the options HERE. These are among the top selling brands you can choose from.


Yet another added feature of Sunpentown SS-212 soy milk maker (check the pricing here) is its easy cleaning kit that’s added along with the package.

This will provide with a provision for easy and strain free cleaning.

The strainer that comes along with the milk maker lets the pulp stay and sieve only milk to transfer into the bowl.

Buying a Sunpentown soy milk maker at home can provide you with an advantage of consuming only a healthy drink with no extra sweeteners or preservatives.