Tayama Soy Milk Maker DJ 15S Review

Preparing soy milk from the Tayama Soy Milk Maker is a cool idea as you can get nutritious as well as healthy milk for yourself anytime and every time you need it. Not only good health, this also proves to be good for your pocket as well. Since you are preparing the milk at home, there will not be any preservatives as well as other contaminates in the milk.

If you want you can also add sweeteners, salt or any other flavors to the milk to make it more interesting. In the nutshell, getting a good Soy Milk maker like Tayama DJ-15S Stainless Steel soy milk maker in kitchen and preparing soy and almond milk at your place is a smart idea.

Tayama DJ 15S Soy Milk maker is the latest milk maker launched by Tayama, a leading company brand of various kitchen items. This product comes with a huge capacity of 1.1 litres and it is extremely handy to use in your kitchen.

The company has designed the appliance keeping in mind all the safety features as well as other necessary details in mind. It is a highly recommended and one of the best selling soy and almond milk maker in countries like US, UK, Canada, Asia, etc.

Below are the best features that makes this Tayama soy milk maker one of the bestselling in the market.


The device is very bold and stunning in its looks. If you are concerned about the looks of kitchen appliance while buying one, let me tell you, you will not be disappointed with this at all!

Additionally it is made of high quality aluminium which is highly rigid. The stainless steel inside body is designed to work at all temperature ranges so that you can make the milk conveniently as and when needed.


The excellent DJ 15S milk maker from Tayama is made keeping in mind all the comforts of the user. It has six options for absorbed bean, dry bean, Paste, Congee, Puree as well as Juice.

The company has designed this product keeping in mind all the requirements of the consumer and that is the reason it offers a huge capacity of 1.1 litres for those who want to prepare more milk at a time.

In addition to its bold and unique design, it also comes along with a handful of accessories like a small carafe, a strainer, cleaning pads and a measuring cup. This soy maker is very easy to clean and use. All these features ease the work of the customer and help them in making pure and fresh soy milk at their homes as well.


One of the most important thing to look at while buying a kitchen appliance, is its maintenance and ease of cleaning. Truly speaking, Tayama soy milk make is much easy to clean and use. When you use this milk maker, you never have to deal with clogged filters again in your life.


Tayama DJ 15S milk maker comes with the dimensions of 8.5 X 8.5 X 14 inches. The weight of this milk maker is just 6 pounds and it is extremely handy to use in small kitchens as well. The light weighted Tayama milk maker ensures that one can carry it easily everywhere they go. Even if you want to carry this appliance while travelling, you can take it without any hassle.


The device is designed with high technology features and it is highly safe to use. This product works with a voltage of 120 V at 60 Hz frequency and the power needed for its operation is 750 Watts.

The Tayama DJ-15S soy milk maker is truly amazing. You can not only make soy milk out of this but can also prepare other types of non dairy milks like cashew milk, almond milk, chocolate milk and many more.

The time taken for the milk to get ready is not more than 15 minutes. This features out shines this device from Tayama as in no more than a quarter of the hour; one can prepare for himself his most liked milk. In real this can be used for serving multiple purposes.

Price Range

This is one of the most attractive part of this machine which makes it much popular among the consumers. The affordable price range of the machine makes it easy for those who want to buy best soy milk maker machine under $100.