Zen Soymilk: Made for Families by Family

‘Zen Soy’ is a renowned company which is known for providing great tasting organic soy milks and puddings.

The company considers the whole world as family and is dedicated in providing high quality Soy milk to its “family” members. The products offered are not only delicious but also healthy & wholesome.

Only certified soybeans are used in the preparation of products and this makes it stand out in the crowd!

No genetic modifications are involved and the same helps in nurturing not only the existing generation but also future generations.

Pesticide usage is nil – which transforms the products into the best choice for people belonging to all ages.

Much research was done on the different kinds of milk to understand on which product the company should start working on in order to serve the world (family).

The benefits of soy milk were understood and further researches were done on the same before fixing soy milk as the base-product of the company.

The researches helped in understanding the natural benefits of soy milk.

The founders of the company were much keen on the organic soy milk as they believed that only organic products can save the future of not only their personal family but also the families around them.

‘Zen Soy’ is the result of this interest and concern. The soybeans are grown in US itself to ensure high quality and organic means of production.

Zero pesticides are involved and this makes it one of the best Soy milk ever!

The Campaign

The campaign of Zen soy is Pandas against Pesticides. 5 % of the company-profit goes to international wildlife organizations and also organic farming.

Their commitment towards environment science is commendable as they have been committed in the same from 1999.

And since then have continuously been offering organic, delicious, dairy free products which are free from petroleum based fertilizers, pesticides, and GMOs.

Choosing Zen Soy milk is equal to standing against threats to health and environment!

Zen Soy milk is not only certified organic but also gluten-free, lactose-free and Vegan.

It is a Non-GMO product free of eggs, MSG and Casein. The easily portable containers have straws with it which facilitates easy usage.

There is no need of refrigerating the package soon after it is bought. This makes it an ideal choice for people who keep traveling. Buy the product and keep it in your bag.

Open it and use it when needed. Once opened, only then it needs refrigeration.

The drink is vitamin and calcium enriched and is the right drink to be included as a routine drink in each child and adult diet-list.

Zen Soy Milk

Soy milk offered by ZenSoy is available in four flavours now. These are:

  1. Plain (original)
  2. Chocolate
  3. Vanilla
  4. Cappuccino

This is the reason why most families get attracted to Zen products.

Mothers find it very easy to make their children drink Zen products due to the delicious quality attached to the products along with the health benefits.

They just need to buy the Zen soy milk and keep it on the dining table!